An experienced, specialized team will look after your green spaces. Cleaning, seasonal trimming, land reclamation, clearing, tree planting, felling, pruning, flower maintenance, automatic watering, small and large landscaping projects… We work with you to plan an optimal maintenance schedule (weekly, monthly, seasonally…).


Some tips for the layout and maintenance of your balconies and terraces…

Do you think your balcony is too small to include space dedicated to gardening, or even a vegetable garden? You might want to think twice. In fact, arranging a few aromatics in pots or planters can be a straightforward process. You might even include some fruit trees, even vegetable trees, as long as you choose ones whose roots aren’t too deep.

Do you want a more natural look? Use a trellis! Even in a very urban setting, there are innumerable options for giving your balcony a rustic edge. Some few considerations must be taken into account: first and above all, the amount of available sunlight, the environment, and the position of your balcony or terrace.

… and recommendations for the maintenance of your gardens

Do weeding, watering, and transplanting seem like tedious and complicated tasks? Benefit from Narmino Jardins’s expertise for the maintenance of your landscaped spaces. Based in Monaco and active along the Côte d’Azur for many years, we have developed expertise that guarantees meticulous, precise maintenance of healthy and beautiful gardens. For example, we know that the Mediterranean climate is less than ideal for easily producing beautiful lawns year after year. Regular mowing, frequent watering and provision of nutrients, calculated in accordance with precise seasonal planning, will ensure you obtain outstanding results. We will work with you to create a maintenance calendar for weeding, fertilizing the (soil or alternative) lawn, rolling it, or aerating it.

It is our pleasure to assist you in the planning and maintenance of your gardens, balconies, and terraces and to offer any advice relative to the sizing and watering of your plants and bushes. Contact us on this page.