At each of our visits to your residence or business we tend to your plants (watering, cutting, dusting…). You can rely on us to maintain all your plants – Mediterranean, exotics, grasses, etc.. – in good health. It is always our pleasure to provide our services to you in impeccable uniforms and with smiles, courtesy, and discretion.

Below is a photo of the new building La Petite Afrique in Monaco for which we produced the planters, and which we have since maintained regularly for the pleasure of the residents and the passers-by, who consistently admire the new building’s atypical curves and abundant vegetation.


Tips for Potted Plants

Water and light are the primary elements for the health and maintenance of your plotted plants, whether outdoors or indoors. However, what’s most important is the amount they receive of each, and each type of plant has its own needs, which must be respected so that they are not harmed. Plants are often damaged by excessive watering. It is also preferable to use ambient temperature water, even collected rain water, so as to preserve the soil’s best possible Ph balance and chemical composition. Observe how the placement of potted plants inside your home affects them: the good health and flourishing of your plants requires attention parameters such as their distance from light sources and heating sources. Depending on the needs of each plant, it’s also a good idea to give its soil a fertilization treatment from time to time. There again, as when watering, beware of overdoing it!

Narmino Jardins will be by your side to assist, support, and advise you in these endeavors. If you would like to meet us or set up a diagnostic appointment, contact us on this page.