We provide you with a panel of experts for the preliminary construction work for your green spaces, such as for the design of basins, small masonry, woodwork, and ironwork projects, for example. In some cases we will do the work ourselves using our own technical expertise, in others we will bring in specialized partner companies to do the work. The choice depends on what is best for your outdoor spaces. You can make an appointment with our teams on the contact page.

Below, for example, the construction of a basin for Carpes Koi completed in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin:

Useful Techniques for Constructing Green Spaces

Narmino Jardins offers a range of options for your garden project’s construction work. From landscaping masonry to plumbing, from traditional to digital ironwork, we can call on a whole corpus of necessary experts to fulfill your ideas and desires. Does your project include laying tiles or paving stones? No problem: we’ll call one of our partners who specializes in these domains. Will you need to construct a new concrete or dry stone wall, with or without padding? We will have the most appropriate specialist come in to fulfill your needs. Note, however, that our teams are completely prepared to respond to the majority of basic needs among the ensemble of techniques we have discussed here.

Note also that our assessment office would be pleased to create a 3D plan of your construction project, whether a private garden, green spaces meant for a public collective, a park, etc… It would also be our pleasure to work on behalf of landscape artists, urban planners, and architects who would like to use our services.