In collaboration with a manufacturer who produces panels, this innovative, cutting edge product allows you to cover your indoor or outdoor walls with vegetation. Our options are both ecological and aesthetically pleasing. In keeping with your preferences, we can come in for maintenance bi-annually for extensive vegetation (grasses and succulents) or more regularly for intensive vegetation (such as a traditional garden with several varieties of plants).

As we are located in Monaco, we can provide design, installation, and maintenance services for your green walls in the Principality as well as the Côte d’Azur, from Menton to Cannes, and even further if necessary.

Green Walls: For Whom? Why?

Green walls are an extraordinary way to bring Nature into cities. This slice of the living, evolving world that grows on the buildings and walls of our cities brings well-being and serenity to residents and passers-by. Without taking aesthetics into account, which of course are essential, when given the choice between seeing day after day, either plants growing on walls or a slab of concrete, everyone’s preference is obvious. Green walls also bring the seasons back to cities, where we sometimes no longer notice them…

Installing green walls is not within the scope of just anybody. Other than the work of an aficionado who takes the time to do research before installing a green wall at home, on a trellis for example, the most complex projects – of interest to new building sites, for example – cannot be improvised. Since such projects may face numerous challenges, it is best to use the services of a professional landscape architect such as Narmino Jardins, which has extensive experience in the sector.

As the above images show, we regularly install green walls in Monaco and on the Côte d’Azur, and would be pleased to install one for you. We will analyze your situation so as to present you with the best options when advising you. We prefer to work with modular PVC panels, which are simple and inexpensive to maintain, easily adapted to all types of walls and require only a light metallic framework. We manage all aspects of the installation of every element of your green wall, including rails, hydrophilic sheets, gutters, water reserves, pumps, and irrigation stations.

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