Narmino Jardins advises you, guides you, and completes all your gardening tasks, from the most basic to the most elaborate: lawn mowing, hedge trimming, preparation and maintenance of soil and plants, automatic watering, laying turf, pruning, planting or felling of trees, etc….

Through a preliminary assessment of your gardens and green spaces and their exposure to sunlight, we will work with you to determine which techniques will yield optimal results. For example, we will take into account the composition of your soil, and its potential need to be fertilized with additional nutrients. A beautiful garden begins with soil that is well-treated, aerated, and cleaned, and to which the best fertilizer has been applied.

Supported by an appropriate watering system, your plants, bushes, and hedges will flourish without developing illnesses. They will also be regularly trimmed, during the most appropriate periods and according to your aesthetic needs.

We will work with you to determine the appropriate height for your lawns, and to implement a cycle of mowing and maintenance appropriate to the specificities of the Mediterranean climate.