The landscape architect, a professional for all your projects

The country house and its garden

Being a landscape architect needs versatile skills: this experienced professional must know all the aspects that surround and allow the study and creation of an urban development project. His skills in management, horticulture or architecture will be of interest to individuals during the studies that precedes the construction of a villa for example, as well as to professionals in order to develop the surroundings of a business or premises, as well as to communities that will thus wish to highlight the common space intended for the public.

Thus several trades will be called upon to dialogue and work together for the good of the client’s project: town planners, engineers, companies in charge of the construction. This whole ecosystem of skilled people needs to be overseen by someone with experience and the willingness to do well.

This is why Narmino Jardins wanted to highlight – and this for several years now – its new pole of Landscape Architecture. It is with great pleasure that we will pay particular attention to any requests you may have to make on this subject.

We invite you to also discover our dedicated site Jardins Concept Monaco by clicking on this link.

La bastide et son jardin
La bastide et son jardin


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